• 5 Places That Will Take Your Energy-Filled Running To A Whole New Level

    February 22nd, 2017

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  • Running can be one of the great joys of life. When you are out running, it is just you and the road. But did you know that it can benefit almost every part of your body as well as lifting your mood. Moreover, it is incredibly stimulating to be outside, to breathe in fresh air while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There really is nothing like the feeling after a run – your body is alive, refreshed and your mind is cleared and focused. You can simply walk outside, grab your carbonated energy drink, and begin running in any desired location. Here we have listed five places that will take your running experience to a new level.

    1. The Great Wall of China
    The Great Wall of China should be at the top of your list for an adventurous running experience! It is perfect for your energy-filled training. The Great Wall is the most picturesque yet toughest running location in the world. Located in Tianjin Province of China, the Great Wall has a total length of more than 21,196 kilometres. You can also take part in The Great Wall of China Marathon, which is held annually on May 1 of each year. Runners like to experience running on the Great Wall of China because it helps them build on their endurance level.

    2. Nepal Mountain Ranges
    Get ready to have a truly unique trail running experience in Nepal. Nepal’s mountain ranges are considered trail runners’ paradise and should be on any runner’s bucket list. The country has high-altitude plateaus and thousands of miles of majestic trails, making the running experience a truly delightful one. Don’t forget to take your carbonated energy drink along with you when running through the wild landscapes of Upper Mustang in Nepal during the Mustang Trail Race.

    3. Mexico’s Copper Canyons
    Explore the realms of ultra-running in Mexico’s Copper Canyons. These magnificent canyons derive their name from the stunning greenish copper hue of the canyon walls. Running for exercise is one thing, but here you can have fun while running. If you want to build up your endurance for long-distance running, then trail running through the natural beauty of the Copper Canyons is a perfect option for runners like you. Keep your energy drink handy if you wish to improve your power and speed during the long-distance run through the Copper Canyons.

    4. Antarctic
    Running is an adventurous experience. Running on snow, in –20 degree Celsius is challenging to say the least. Disconnect yourself from the world and run on the rugged snow-covered terrains of the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctic. For a truly formidable running challenge, Antarctic is the best place for runners who are looking to have a greater adventure story. Planning to run in Antarctic? Participate in the Antarctic Ice Marathon to be held on November 24, 2017 and create your own running story.

    5. Iceland
    Beautiful scenery, pristine black-sand landscapes, great running trails and a climate that’s perfect for running, you will love everything about running in Iceland. Iceland is a place that inspires runners. Become a strong, motivated runner as you run in the scenic trails of Iceland. When you feel you need to get some energy, sip on your carbonated energy drink while admiring the stunning Icelandic landscape.

    Running through a new place will engage your senses and provide a more substantial experience. Reach your limitless potential with some energy-filled running in these beautiful locations. Do not limit your imagination. Explore these exciting locations and expand your potential of running in such adventurous places with your favourite carbonated energy drink.

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